Tuesday, 14 December 2010


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product follows conventions of real media products in many ways. One way our products follow the conventions is the mise-en-scene we used in our products which portrays them in the hip hop genre we were aiming it to be like. We did this by using different locations which are dark and in more gritty areas by finding places that had graffiti in the walls etc. Having rough locations with graffiti in is the stereotypical location of a hip hop music video because graffiti originated from the hip hop genre. Our music video uses goodwins point of genre characteristics because we use many characteristics of the hip hop genre in our media products.

Another way our media products follow conventions of real media products is by using traditional hip hop style writing on our digipak and dvd cover. The type of lettering we used were bold writing on a dark background with bright coloured edges to the writing to make it stand out. Also the fonts we used were graffiti style which is typical of the hip hop genre.

We followed conventions by using voyeurism in all of our media products by having close ups of Simon (our artist) in our music video and on the covers of our other products. This is one of Goodwins Points, and allows the artist to sell themselves by people recognising them on all of their products like we have done. Also on our Dvd cover and Digipak we put where you could buy the dvd which was 'HMV' and also the the record label which was 'Def Jam' as this follows the conventions of traditional media products because it tells the audience where to buy the product and also what record label the artist is signed to.

Also we followed conventionsthe costumes and props we used were stereotypical of the hip hop genre which included items like hoodies and big gold chains. You see these type of items in nearly all hip hop music videos because it is the typical image that hip hop artist follow; For example Jay Z's Dirt Off Your Shoulder music video which features these typical hip hop characteristics.

However a way our media products challenged the conventions of a real media product is by not using as many types of shots and angles in our music video because in a typical music video they use different types of shots like close ups and long shots, different angles of the artist and also the speed of the shots would be fast paced in a video of the hip hop genre. Whereas we only really had close ups and mid shots of our artist and the shots lasted a long time so our music video has less diversity than a typical music video and also having less shots makes our music video a bit boring.

In our media products we followed many conventions of real media products and also used some of Goodwins Points like Voyeurism having lots of close ups of the artist. In addidtion our editing fits in well with the lyrics in our video.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

I believe the combination of our music video and our ancillary task is very effective. This is due to many different links in all our media products. Firstly in all our media products we have close ups of our artist which sells the artist in a typical way. Also the fonts we used in our products are all similar because all the writing is bold with the same style of font but they do vary in colour and size which gives the consumer another indication that our products are linked. The style of all our products fits the hip hop genre because in all our products our artist is wearing the typical hip hop style clothing and the font on all our products is graffiti style which is common in the hip hop genre.

However our digipak and dvd cover both have different colour and sized fonts in them which means they are not the same so people may not make the link between them. Also in our ancillary tasks we put the record label and where you can purchase the dvd whereas in our music video we didnt so there is not a link there either. I believe however that our products do effectively combine our main product and ancillary task together because in all of them we sell our artist and also use typical genre characteristics for our genre like graffiti style writing in all our products.

What have you learned from audience feedback?

The feedback we recieved form both our class and our teacher gave us alot of help to fix problems and improve our media products. Our teacher posted a post on our blog telling us what was good about our products and would we could improve. The information we recived from our teacher told us that our products were good but also told us how to improve it slightly to make all our products of a good standard. For example as many of our shots were similar and boring our teacher told us some advice of different types of shots we could do which we followed and went out and filmed some more types of shots for our music video and added them to our final product. This helped us to improve our marks by adding more types of shots which shows we shows that we have more knowledge of camera shots.

Also we created a questionaire which we gave to the whole class so they could give us feedback on all our media products. From the questionaire we got alot of postitve feedback but also some helpful advice which we follwed to imporve our products for example that we needed to link our products together which we did by adding close ups of the artist in all our products. Furthermore most of the positive feedback we recieved told us that we followed most of the conventions and also followed genre characteristics of our song by having graffiti style writing and by using typical hip hop clothing like hoodies and big chains.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and the research for you media product?

In the construction and research for our media products we used many different media technoloiges. The main media technology we used was the HD camera we used to film our music video. The Sony HD cameras were provided by the media department at college and we used them to film all our footage for our music video then capture them on the Apple Mac to start our editing. We used the Apple Mac computers for numerous things for example researching information for our media product and also to edit our music video in Final Cut Express and also create our ancillary tasks using Photoshop. Final Cut allowed us to edit our music video by cutting unwanted pieces of video and by adding effects like fade ins and fade outs to our music video. However Photoshop allowed us to use images from our music video and different styles of text to create a digipak and dvd cover. We used Firefox to do research on numerous things like music artists and to post blogs onto blogger.com. We used alot of media technologies to create our media products and without the technologies we wouldnt have any products.

In conclusin I believe our media products followed and also challenged conventions of real media products, followed the genre characteristics of hip hop and helped the whole group learn new things successfully.


In What Ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product uses forms and conventions of real media products through, using traditional  hip hop digipak conventions such as using bold, dark and italic writing in addition to the dark backgrounds on our media products. For example the dark background on our DVD cover.  In addition to this, we followed conventions on the digipak and in the actual music video, through using Goodwin’s Points, and selling the artist. We sold the artist by making the artist the main figure on both of our digipak products; this shows the audience that there is clear link between all of our products. Furthermore Simon is used a voyeurism towards the opposite sex to try and sell the artist to the female population. In our magazine advert we followed traditional conventions by showing the consumer that you the rating of our music video and where you can buy the product for example as our magazine advert states "HMV". Moreover it is clear of the genre of our music video through this advert by the props that are seen on this advert. For example the chain and hat, which are worn.

Additionally, our music video follows traditional media conventions through the mise en scene that is used throughout. The traditional Mise en scene that you see in hip/hop genre. We did this through the costumes’ which Simon was wearing which fitted in with for example the chains that he is wearing. Additionally the locations which we used fitted in with the hip hop / rap by being in estate areas, and having locations which had graffiti on the walls which fitted perfectly with hip hop conventions and our music video. Therefore through using these aspects in our media video we have followed conventions in our music videos. For example in Eminem's music video 8 mile.

A way which our music video challenged conventions of traditional hip hop / rap music videos was through  not filing as many shots and variety of shots as in traditional professional music videos, this also effected the editing techniques that we used. Due to our shots having a lack of movement we have not followed hip hop/ rap genre conventions sue to them being sporadic and have more diversity in professional music videos than ours did. Furthermore we used conventions such as Goodwin’s points, for example we clearly sold the artist and voyeurism is clearly shown throughout our music video. In addition to this, the music to lyrics seem to fit to an good standard.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

I believe that the combination of our main product our music video and our ancillary tasks, the DVD cover and magazine advert is effective. This is due to there being a clear link between these different aspects of our media product. Each of our products clearly show the artist which helps with selling the artist and the distribution of our product. Additionally similar techniques are used in each of our products. For example the style and for of both our magazine advert and DVD cover are similar, this shows clearly to the consumer that there is a link between these two products. This is good because it will attract the consumer to our product. For example, on the DVD cover you see the artist so this would attract the consumer which would prompt an sale of the DVD. In addition to this the graffiti style writing on the DVD cover shows the audience the genre of the Music DVD clearly being hip hop / rap.

As well as our DVD cover and magazine advert, the DVD commentary also is vital to the effectiveness of the main product and ancillary tasks, this is due to it giving an extra footage to people who have brought the DVD, which gives them an incite to how we did our music video and how the final product containing both our music video and ancially tasks came together to sell the Music Video. Furthermore through making this DVD commentary others who would want to maybe peruse the task of making an music video would know the processes in which how to do so. More over from all four of these products which made our media product do well to meet traditional conventions of a real media product. For example i believe that we followed the conventions of selling the artist to a high standard, through making him the main focus on both our magazine advert and DVD cover. Furthermore in our music video, there are many close ups of the artist, which also could be shown as voyeurism .

What have you learned from audience feedback?

The audience feedback that we have collected from our teacher and our class members have given us an incite on what we had that was good and followed hip hop / rap genre characteristics and some aspects of our media product that we need to improve on.  Our media teacher left an post on our blog telling us which aspects of our product that were of an good standard and then some comments on how we could improve our product. The feedback that we received from our teacher was mainly positive but there were some parts of our product which she highlighted that we could improve on. An example of this is that many of our shots   were similar and made our music video boring to the audience, therefore out teacher said that it would be a good idea to increase the variety of shot types and lengths of shot to make the video more interesting thus improving our marks. Additionally she stated that there was a lack of variety of editing techniques therefore we took this feedback in to account and tried to change some of the techniques used and give our video more variety.

In addition to the feedback that we received from our teacher, i also created an questionnaire which i delivered to the class for feedback on both our ancillary tasks and our music video. From this questionnaire i got an variety of feedback, most positive but there were some clear areas of our media product that needed improving to reach the standard of professional media products. An positive bit of feedback which most of the class agreed with was that we had followed the conventions of the hip hop / rap genre. For example the props which we used, such as the gold chains hoodys, and baseball bat which were used in our video fitted in well with the genre of our video. However form the questionnaire we discovered that the digital part of our media product needed a little more work done on it to make it a look more professional and hopefully gain higher marks for our overall media product.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and the research for you media product?

In the making of our music video and the designing of our ancillary tasks such as the DVD cover and the magazine advert, we used a number of media technologies ranging from the HD cameras which we used to film to the internet which we used to research our original idea's and aspects of conventions for our media product. The HD cameras that we used to film our music video, were provided by the college and these cameras were used to capture our footage onto the Mac’s so that we could edit the footage that we had filmed on the final cut program. The final cut program allowed us to edit out the parts of our footage that we didn’t need or we thought did not quite fit in with our video. Additionally we used this program to put effects on our video to give a greater feeling towards the audience and make our video look more professional. For example the effects used at the end of our music video. Once the video was edited to the standard we wanted we uploaded it to the blog. Blogger is very important for our media product because we can blog our ideas and form our blog posts we gain or loose marks on our coursework.  Furthermore we used other Mac programs such as Photoshop. This was used to create our digipak, for both our DVD cover and our magazine advert.  In addition to these technologies, we also took an digital camera out off lessons to take photos of locations which we could use in the filming of our music video. With the help of Google maps we choose our locations of filming. By doing this we were able to fins the perfect locations to film at which would fit in with the hip hop / rap genre around the area in which we live.

Therefore in conclusion of my media product evaluation, i believe that we followed conventions of our specific genre and the genre characteristics to an high standard. Additionally i believe that we followed the majority of the feedback that we were presented with and that we learned and used different media technologies in the making of this over all products to an high standard.


Monday, 6 December 2010


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product uses conventions of media products in many ways; this is done because our music video is edited to a professional standard and this follows conventions of real media products because you always see professional edited music videos on TV that have obviously followed the music video conventions and we have done this to a great standard by adding in fade in's and fade out's etc.

Another way our music video follows conventions of real media products is down too the mise en scene of our music video and the mise en scene in our music video portrays our music video to fit the rap / hip hop genre that we were aiming it to look like and we managed to do this by having locations that are in rough areas especially ones that had graffiti all over them it gave the impression that the song was from a rapping genre and it is stereotypically shown that graffiti links to rap and we used this to help illustrate that we used Goodwins points by Cleary showing what the genre-characteristics were which uses conventions of real media products.

Another thing that helps our misc video use conventions of real music videos in down too the costumes and the props that were used and the artist is wearing stereotypical rapper clothes which consist of hoodies and gold chains and even a baseball bat and we believed that this was very good in making our music video more professional looking and this shows how our props and costumes helped use conventions of real media products and this is done in Jay Z's music videos and this is used to help represent Jay Z's genre of rap too and because he normally wears hoodies and chains it helps portray which genre he is representing this is shows in his music video called '99 PROBLEMS' which again emphasises how our music video uses conventions of real music videos.

A way in which our music video challenged conventions of real media products in down to the camerawork because in our music video the shots are still and mainly medium shots which aren’t suitable for a rap song and are highly un conventional because of how boring some of the shots are and in Jay Z's videos the camerawork has a lot of diversity compared to our music videos which does not have a lot of diversity which shows how our music video challenges the conventions of real music videos.

The last thing that challenges the conventions of a real music video is our editing that was applied and this was partially because we didn’t have enough shots to use to edit the music video properly and because of this the shots were slow paced which is unconventional because in a fast paced song there is usually quick duration shots with lots of cuts which shows how our music video challenged conventions of real music videos.

We did use Goodwin’s points to help make our music video more conventional to today’s standard of professional music videos by ensuring we had music to lyrics by having the shot change when I stopped talking and having music to beat when the end beat came on. I have already mentioned how I used genre characteristics and we also used voyeurism which is used to make the artist look attractive and this is done by the artist driving a car and wearing all the designer brands and also the few close ups of the artist clearly sell the artist.

The auteur theory that we also looked at was Harold hype Williams and he used to make Beyonce and Ne - Yo music videos and what he did really well is using still medium shots of the artist with bright light vibrant colour background which enabled the viewer to focus really well on, and we initially tried to still to this but we didn’t use his idea however we did use some split screen which he normally uses.

How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancillary tasks?

The combination of our music video and the ancillary tasks which consist of the DVD cover and magazine article are really effective because they show a clear inside of what out music video will be like in representing the genre and target audience and another thing that is good is that the DVD cover is used to attract people by having a big still imagine of the artist on the cover which sells the artist and will prompt people to buy the DVD cover due to them recognising the artist. Also the big bold edited writing attracts the audience and the graffiti like text will give a hint to the audience what type of music it will be.

The use of our DVD commentary video is very good too as it shows an extra that people would get if they brought the music video and it also shows why and how we made each shot like they are which will give people a good inside into how to make there own music video's too.

I believe that all 4 would work in a promotional package to sell the artists music because by seeing the magazine article they will see that the music video has really good ratings and they will be able to determine who the artist is they are looking at and the music video keeps the audience entertained. The cover is exceptionally good as it follows the conventions of a real DVD cover because it says 'featuring new song my way' which you normally see on DVD covers that use that to try and sell the music video and with the DVD commentary too it will show people that they get more value for money due to more things included on the DVD.

What have you learnt from your media feedback?

I learnt a lot from the media feedback we got. We initially go feedback from our teacher telling us what to do with our ancillary tasks and how to improve them which helped us make them better and then we got feedback from each group in our media group telling us what we needed to improve in our video in order to get better marks so what we did was we went of filming and got more clips of me singing in order to improve the lip syncing.

We also made a questionnaire which helped us to get feedback on our ancillary tasks from people around the room and it was a good questionnaire because we had questions that consisted of: ' What font do you expect to see on a hip hop cover?' and the answers all near enough said something that represents that genre like some graffiti writing and this enabled us to take the classmates advice and put some graffiti style writing on our ancillary tasks in order to make the DVD cover represent the genre of music that we were singing.

I have learnt that next time our group needs to get better equipment for recording music videos because our lip syncing was bad so we would need a C.D player and put the song on it in order to be able to lip sing better because I would be able to literally sing along with the song rather than try to have a headphone in my ear and hide it from the camera at the same time and also I now understand why it is good to ask for other peoples opinions because they give constructive criticism back.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and the research?

Our group used lots of media technology in the construction of our music video and this consisted of using handheld high definition cameras that the college has in order to film the shots that we needed and then we uploaded this to the apple Mac computers which are involved in media technology because they are a really creative type of computer which enables you to assess lots of software such as final cut express which allowed me to edit my music video on the computers and add in effects such as fade ins and fade outs and this is professional software being used. However as we used final cut express in our editing part of our DVD commentary video the software became useless as the program kept shutting down unexpectedly which meant we could not work on it and we did not have a lot of time to finish it properly. 

We also used media technologies in the research of our music video by taking a camera outside lesson and taking shots of where we plan to do our music video and we took shots of some places around the art blocks in case it was raining on the day we arranged to take our camera out and we did this because your not allowed to take the camera out if it is raining in case it gets damaged so did this to make sure we had an idea to film for our final filming session. We also used a online blog called blogger to plan our music video out and we uploaded still shots of our music video and the last thing we did was use Google maps and get some real life shots of where we would want to film, but we didn’t film in the end due to certain circumstances which were like getting kicked off addenbrokes hospital site.

So in conclusion to my media evaluation; I believe that the media products were done a a high standard because of how accurate the editing is in the music video and how much we improved the lip syncing too also I believe that the ancillary tasks were of high quality too and allowed us to develop skills on Photoshop which none of us had done before. In all; the making of all the media products was a really fun effort seeing as we had a good time while making a very good music video.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Video Commentary

For the music video that we have made we have to also make an video commentary on it talking about what influenced us to make the music video, if it uses conventions of real music video products, How we targeted our audiences and what they thought about it and how media technologies helped us in the construction , research and evaluation stages of our music video.

We have planned that for our music video commentary we will use clips from our music video and then commentate on what made us do it.  We will have voice overs when we want to show the audience clearly what we are talking about so they can watch the music video while we talk and this will help them understand what we are talking about. And we will do some full clips too and then commentate on why we did it. We will also include some still shots of our ancillary tasks in the directors commentary too because we can then talk about how effective the combination of our music video and ancillary tasks are.

Here is a timeline of what we will include in our music video commentary with a full script :

0 - 30 seconds :

  • medium shot of us sitting down talking introducing ourselves
  • A shot of the chorus being sang to clarify what video is being watched
30 - 1.00 :

  • A shot of the first verse and commentary over the top on how the music video uses conventions of media products because of how he looks like a rapper, way he sings etc and how we used it to represent the genre.
1.00 - 1.30: 

  • A short clip of how we used fade in's and fade out's and then back to the commentary with us saying why we used this to look professional and how the media technology final cut express helped us make it to a professional standard. 
1.30 - 2.00

  • A shot to the clip of me singing with the baseball bat and have a partial voice over on how we used this to use conventions of real media products in making the music video more innovative and creative by having the cuts and by having thim in different locations.
2.00 - 2.30

  •   Show the clip of simon on top of the car and how the car goes backwards etc with the effects put in too and show how we developed the conventions of music videos because we made the ending of ours go really creative compared to other music videos that dont have it as much *EXAMPLE*
2.30 - 3.00

  •   Show a still image of our ancillary tasks and start a voiceover that leads to us sitting down talking about how the combination of our music video and ancillary texts help us to show what the genre is and relate how the magazine cover helped to sell it by selling the artist which aso uses conventions of real media products.
3.00 - 3.30

  • Mention how the audience feedback has helped us improve our music video, and show a clip where we helped improve the lip syncing that we had, and talk about how the questionaire helped us make a good ancillary task.
3.30 - 4.00

  •   talk about how media technologies helped us to create a very good music video and relate too how we had to get used to macs, photoshop , F.C.E and say how we adapted to it really well and allowed us to make good things.
4.00 - 4.30

  • talk about what we wish we could have improved, what inital idea was and how we couldnt do that and why we chose that .
4.30 - 5.00 +

  • Allow time for others to go on longer

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


1: What font do you expect to see on an hip hop music DVD cover?
U1 43- I would expect to see something bold possibly with a chrome effect to represent wealth.
U1-44 - Something fairly casual. Like a graffiti style.
u1-45- graffiti style.

2: What effects do you associate with a Hip Hop DVD cover?
I would expect to see quick cuts and editing in time with the music.
Raw, grungy colours. Quite dark.
fast, focus on the artist, quick editing. 
3: How do you think the artist should be sold?
Posters that have a street style
They should be made relatable to the audience and realistic
they should be sold by showing off the artist through posters and clothing etc.

4: What colours would you expect to see on the cover of an hip hop DVD cover ?
A black background to create a slick finish.
Browns, blacks and golds
golds, black, reds etc. 

5: What would you likely see in a magazine advert selling an hip hop artist?
A bold direct title that grabs the readers attention.
A large picture of the artist so you can see what they look like
the artist itself.

6: What information would you expect to see in our advert ?
Release date, track listings, logo, age rating.
Price, age rating, logos, release date
price, age, artist, logo
7: After looking at our groups video did we include Goodwin's points?
1.genre -  the dance moves
2.voyeurism - simon's dancing could be appealing to some viewers
3.music and visual - the music went well with the visuals
4 visuals and lyrics- the microphone prop fitted with the lyrics
5.intertextuality- there were not many references
6.selling the artist - the artist was sold well as he was the main focus in the video.
As above.
As above again 

8: Do you feel that we followed traditional conventions in the making of our DVD cover and Magazine advert?
The magazine advert still needs a lot of work, such as more text and logos. The Digipak is looking good and may just need a few tweaks on things such as a background on the back cover.
As above
Yes because it seems all rappy

9: Did our digipak sell the artist well? ( if so how?) if not ( what could we improve on ?)
Yes. The pictures of the artist were very appropriate and fit well with the colour scheme.
As above
As above 
10: Do you think that there is a linked theme between each of our products?
The style of the two products is similar and the same photo is used which is good. But the colours are not the same and the effect on the photo on the Digipak is not in the video.
The style is very similar
Yes because you can clearly tell that the theme is rap / hip hop


This is our actual Magazine article, it was done by Calum Pugsley, it is very good and looks like it could be out into a professional magazine straight away because of how well done it is.

13U1-50 Music Magazine Advert
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